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InVision studentaccount
door Aranea Feleus - donderdag, 14 september 2017, 11:10

Hoi allen, 

Er zijn voor dit jaar weer nieuwe codes om je InVision account te activeren. En vanaf nu ruimte voor meer dan 3 actieve projecten tegelijkertijd. 

1. Free upgrades

Please have your students sign up here using their school email address:

The code they need is: 56-73-13-19

It's just that simple! This is for new accounts. If a student already has an account, just have them email me with their expected graduation date, and I will make sure they get their upgrade.

2. Now with UNLIMITED Prototypes!

As we announced last semester, students can now have UNLIMITED prototypes in their account, rather than just 3. This will help students more easily complete their course work, and still let them use InVision for their own projects.