Job offer : a.s. woensdag 13 juni

Foto van Ellen Gaus
Job offer : a.s. woensdag 13 juni
door Ellen Gaus - maandag, 11 juni 2018, 14:16

 “On Wednesday, June 13th ~10 AM, the artist I work for (Sruli Recht) would like to record a podcast in his studio in dePijp, Amsterdam. Therefore we need a person who could bring two microphones with stands for the table, and an audiobox/soundcard, that you can connect to a computer and the required cables. We would also like that person to set everything up, press play and come back after the podcast has been recorded (~2 hours later) to pick up the equipment. This job would be rewarded with 75€ incl. lending the materials. If you're interested please send an e-mail to or call +49 157 30141292“


Best regards,

Julina Vanille Bezold