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Bezoek uit Zweden

Mattijs Blekemolen
Bezoek uit Zweden
door Mattijs Blekemolen - woensdag, 27 maart 2019, 14:51

Op woensdag 3 en donderdag 4 april a.s. zullen drie docenten van onze Zweedse partnerschool Mid-Sweden University een bezoek aan CMD brengen. Ze bieden modules voor internationale studenten (jullie!) aan op het gebied van Graphic Design, Photography en Industrial Design (interessant voor studenten die Internet of Things ook leuk vinden). Mocht je interesse hebben om daar bijvoorbeeld te gaan studeren of heb je interesse in de workshops die ze aanbieden (zie in de mail) dan ben je van harte welkom om kennis te maken.

De eerste workshop (Heraldry) gaat - meen ik - over hoe familiewapens worden ontworpen en wat de gedachte daarachter is. Dat is iets anders dan een logo ontwerpen (meer marketing). Nu gaat het echt over wie je bent als familie en wat je wilt uitstralen. Je leert je eigen familiewapen te ontwerpen. Leuk toch? Ik heb nog geen tijd en locatie gepland, hangt van jullie reacties af. Laat mij z.s.m. even weten of je interesse hebt in een of beide workshops (via de mail).

Mattijs Blekemolen | mail

Wie komen er? 
Mikael Marklund (only in Swedish) Mikael is program manager for the bachelor in Industrial Design.
Mikael Becker (only in Swedish) Mikael B is interested in UX design, User Experience, this is something that the department of Design at Mid Sweden Univ. aims to develop.

Waarom komen ze? 
The head of the program in Industrial design and one of our lecturers for the Graphic Design programme would like to visit CMD during spring, to get to know all of you better and see what more we could cooperate around. We are currently working on having more students going on an ex-change and we also like to compare our education with partners to see where our programmes can have a real good ex-change. We also like to talk about our summer university and a new project that will run for the first time in august.

Wat bieden ze zelf?
Would it be possible for Mikael Becker to give one or two guest lecturers when he visits CMD? He has given some suggestions, this could be for students, but it could also be for colleagues to give an insight in what our Design department also is doing. “Design for all” is something that our Industrial Design group focus a lot on. Subjects:

The first assignment on the illustration course is for the students to create their own coat of arms. Learning the basic rules of heraldry and to explore the story behind the images, symbols, colors and numbers. The opposite from logotypes. Logotypes gets a meaning from marketing and exposure. A coat of arms starts with the meaning. | 45 minutes
Design for all
An introduction to design for all and equal terms. A common sense approach to accessibility and usability. Involve the users. Universal design, inclusive design, excluding design, democratic design, functional design … Examples from both the physical and digital world. | 45 min or 2 x 45 min.

Meer info
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