The Duchess Drinks Company

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The Duchess Drinks Company
door Tracy Hepp-Walker - dinsdag, 16 april 2019, 14:48

We're looking for a part time hands-on Brand Representative/Host for a series of events this year.

First event: Thursday 18th of April 9.00-19.00.

The Duchess Drinks Company is a fast-growing FMCG non-alcoholic beverage company based in Cape Town, South Africa. Our vision is to supply mindful consumers with innovative non-alcoholic beverages that will disrupt the traditional alcohol & soft drink industry, as the market becomes more sober curious. We are going live in The Netherlands nationwide starting May.

Job description:

The core purpose of the Brand Representative is to assist and support the team in Amsterdam with its tastings and marketing events. Give our sober curious following the attention it needs to be successful and to ensure optimal brand awareness.

Job Requirements and Qualifications:

- History in Hospitality industry (Horeca)
- Eager and fun
- Great smile and awesome attitude.

Application process:

Please send your CV, photo and motivation letter to: